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Welcome To Stamp Out Suicide

Stamp Out Suicide( reg  charity no 1171162  ) is a free phone line 07766808222 counselling service for anyone in England, Scotland and Wales living with suicidal thoughts. We are here to listen and provide free ongoing over the phone counselling and help people get through their darkest moments. Suicide is not something that hits out at any one select group of people, it can come knocking on anyone's door at any time of day or night.


    Research has shown that there are common signs that someone is intending on ending their own life. Most people are not aware of these signs until after a loved one had died by suicide but it is possible to spot the signs.

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    If you are worried and think that someone may be suicidal don't be afraid to do the following.

    Don't hesitate in engaging with them. Let them know that you are concerned for them and ask what you can do to help them. Listen to them and don't panic or be judgemental.

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